Case Studies

Au | Safeguarding new landmark community centre from graffiti vandals
case_au SafetyZone
4 & 6 mil
520m2 Protecting at-risk exterior surfaces


China | SafetyZone security film upgrades glazing safety of largest Chinese oil refinery
case_au SafetyZone
12 Mil Clear
15,0000m2 installed + No Bar™ advanced security system


UK | Blackpool Tower protected by SafetyZone
case_au SafetyZone
4 Mil Clear
Scuff and vandalism protection Renewed 3 times a year


US | SolarZone window film plays key role in $7m Hilton energy upgrade
case_au SolarZone
OptiTune 22
40,000sf installed $90,000 yearly energy Savings


Israel | National bank improves energy efficiency and comfort with SolarZone XTRA films
case_au Silver 20 Xtra,
Titan 20 Xtra,
Titan 50 Xtra
20% reduction in HVAC energy costs


Au | Glazing upgrade at Riverside Quay properties eases HVAC load, satisfies tenants and owners
case_au OptiTune 22 3.500m2
290,000 kWh pa reduction (predicted)


Au | Building owners improve energy consumption and tenant comfort with OptiTune Dual Reflective films
case_au OptiTune 22, 15 1.98 year payback 25,000 kWh annual savings (predicted)


UK | SolarZone e-Lite 70 film lowers energy costs for 5-star London Claridge’s Hotel – Davies Penthouse
case_au e-Lite 70 Spectrally Selective film 89% IR rejection 67% VLT


Colombia | SkyLite film cuts glare and heat in urban walkway
case_au SkyLite Silver 20X 800m2
84% glare reduction


Au | SolarZone SkyLite film transforms overheated mall into a cool comfort zone
case_au 400 m2
glass skylights
~70,000 kWh per annum energy savings ~$7000 estimated annual saving


US | Mall roofing installation improves interior comfort level, satisfying vendors, visitors and management
case_au 1500 m2 XTRM SkyLite S20X 300,000 kW/hr per year energy saving ~ $40K annual saving


US | Leading pharmaceutical research center upgrades energy efficiency
case_au 1600 m2 Titan 35 Xtra Dual-Reflective Exterior film 18% HVAC cost reduction 1.9 year payback


China | Tower makeover pays for itself through energy savings in less than three years
case_au 5600 m2 Titan 35 Xtra Dual Reflective Exterior film 20% HVAC reduction 2.9 year payback


China | Beijing hospital skylight installation cuts energy consumption
case_au 1400 m2 Titan 35 Xtra Dual-Reflective Exterior film 9% HVAC cost reduction 2.3 year payback


Israel | Tel Aviv mall reduces heat load and saves energy
case_au 600 m2 SkyLite Silver 20 Xtra Reflective Exterior film 19% HVAC cost reduction 2.7 year payback


Japan | Luxury hotel meets strict energy-efficiency regulations
case_au 1750 m2 Argent 65 Spectrally Selective film 15% HVAC cost reduction 3.0 year payback


UK | Cruise company HQ implements energy-efficiency measures
case_au 500 m2 Silver 20 Reflective film 10% HVAC cost reduction 3.1 year payback


US | Office complex in Maryland shows high savings and quick payback
case_au 1750 m2 OptiTune 15 Dual-Reflective film 15% HVAC cost reduction 1.3 year payback


Australia | Darwin dock-front installation delivers maximum light transmission and maximum heat rejection
case_au e-lite 70 Spectrally Selective film 89% IR rejection 67% VLT


Israel | Institute of Technology classes transformed, project payback within one year
case_au 300 m2
OptiTune 05
75.000 kWh/pa Energy saved 100% Internal Rate of Return


US | Hanita supports ESCO in swift assessment & implementation of PA Municipal project
case_au 13.700 sf
OptiTune 30
89.000 kWh/pa Energy saved 17% Internal Rate of Return


Australia | Richmond, Victoria | Newly constructed building needs to find a quick way to meet BCA Section J compliance
case_au 500 m2 Titan 07 Xtra Building regulation compliance, and increased comfort for tenants


Australia | Mount Waverley, Victoria | Office building looks to reduce HVAC usage and save on cooling costs
case_au 157 m2 OptiTune 22 Up to 30% reduction in energy costs


Australia | Elizabeth, South Australia | Window film increases railway station lift tower comfort in absence of HVAC
case_au 72 m2 OptiLite 75 Xtra High heat rejection with a low-reflective solution